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Senior Full-stack Software Engineer (Python/React)

LATAM. Insurance Management.

*Please apply with a resume in English*

We are looking for a Senior Senior Full-stack Software Engineer (Python/React) to join one of our US Clients! Do you have experience building web applications and service-oriented architecture to help us build the core of our client's stack? Well, join us and develop a product with cutting-edge technology to help landlords all over the United States purchase insurance through a modern experience and feel confident that they have the coverage they need in case of a rainy day.

Do you have what it takes?
  • 5+ years of experience working in the industry
  • Ability to do full-stack work and feeling comfortable with it
  • Python working experience
  • HTML, CSS, and Javascript working experience
  • Ability to dive into a complex codebase
  • Django (nice to have)
  • React (nice to have)
  • Willingness to learn new tools and technologies in case you have no experience with our tech stack
  • Past experience as a team lead is definitely a plus.

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