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Senior Ruby Developer

LATAM. On Demand Delivery.

We are seeking a SR Ruby Developer who is excited about creating innovative solutions to make life effortless for our customers! The kind of people we are looking for want to build optimized routing systems to efficiently deliver to our customers, create an end to end shopping experience that will delight our customers, devise warehouse management systems that enable us to always fulfill our customers’ needs, or design mobile and web applications that are joyful to use. You will be responsible for designing, building, and maintaining a data platform in order to support a world-class customer experience. Your primary responsibility will be to continually create and improve a cloud-based data platform to support technical and business growth. A commitment to collaborative problem solving, elegant design, and a quality product is essential.

  • Bachelor degree in Computer Science (or related field)
  • +5 Years of production experience
  • Ruby proficiency
  • Proficiency with modern web, frontend and server, and/or cloud applications
  • Solid grasp of data structures, algorithms and databases (ex: SQL, MongoDB)
  • Ability write scalable and extensible systems

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