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Senior Fullstack Developer

LATAM. Logistics.

We are looking for a Senior Fullstack Developer to help us build the first outcome-oriented supply chain management technology. We provide businesses worldwide unmatched visibility into shipping and delivery and the tools to take action from international point of origin to final destination. Our clients include the world’s largest businesses spanning retail, manufacturing, and logistics services and all share in our vision for a future where supply chains are dynamic, agile and data-driven. We believe that one day every shipment in the world will be captured, analyzed & enhanced by our platform, creating better decisions and outcomes for both senders and recipients.

  • 5+ years of software development experience with a frontend focus (JavaScript and React)
  • Attention to details, autonomy, and ownership
  • Practical experience with client-side JavaScript, CSS, component-driven UI development, and front-end tooling
  • Thorough understanding of scripting in the DOM and the tradeoffs with frameworks
  • Solid engineering fundamentals
  • Java experience

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